Nowadays more and more young people are quitting their jobs to start freelancing. The reasons are easy to imagine: bad colleagues, the boss’s bosses, their work is not always appreciated or because of time spent on the road to the office. In the meantime, companies are increasingly open to hiring freelancers and collaborators.

There are more and more private schools and courses, so we’re talking about another mentality. But to be on your own it is not easy and requires a lot of patience and courage, especially the first five months. You will not have who knows what income in this time. Most young people expect fabulous winnings from the beginning and without a profile which is built over time. This not guarantee them constant projects.

They must learn to be patient, be quick and efficient, because after all, for that they will receive 80% of the total payment. When they give up the job with a fixed schedule, the young people do not plan the best program. In freelancing, as in any other type of work, you must establish from the beginning how many hours you are willing to allocate per day for a project and looking for new clients.

Specialists recommend a normal work schedule because often, those you get to work for are available from 9 to 18.  And if they call you in this interval, it is good to find you. Those people who tell you they can’t pay you, but it helps you to expand the portfolio and will recommend you to other people in the future, should be avoided.

Maybe they have no intention of hurting anyone, but they usually no other project appears, and the effort must always be rewarded. Young people who are just starting to work on their own should not be lazy and stop searching for other jobs, because when the project ends there will be no money.

Among the most popular areas of freelancing:


Here most offers on freelancing sites are for websites, magazines, posters, PC games, logos or printables advertising. Must have knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, 3D Max or Macromedia Dreamweaver. Usually, there is a tender, more clearly: the client posts a brief, and those who will the project is working ahead, posting what they have worked on, and if they are elected they receive payment.

Content Writing

You write on various fields, but just knowing how to write is not enough. You must also have SEO knowledge. Here you are paid either on time, where once you have accumulated experience you can receive between 20 and 70 dollars per hour or depending on the number of words.

The most popular freelancing sites: – the largest online platform of its kind.

Here they perceive a commission of 10% of the total amount collected on the project by the freelancer.
The money is withdrawn from the account when the freelancer accepts one project. Over 19 million users have posted more than 9 million projects, so far on; – paid work per hour; – copywriting;

Upwork – Here, the freelancer can be paid per hour or per project. For hourly payment projects, the provider requests payment once a week. For fixed projects, freelancers are paid after they have finished the project. On Upwork, you can receive payment with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal. Upwork has a commission of between 5% and 20% from the value of the project, money that is withdrawn in your account when you accept a project. Currently, there are over 129 jobs on Upwork.