Health, besides finance, is an essential component when it comes to happiness and well-being. It is important what you eat and when you eat, how you rest and what sport you do. In this article, I will talk a little about sports.

Choosing a sport to practice can sometimes be difficult. The most important thing is to practice the sport that attracts you, that suits you, or that your body needs. It is important to feel good about it.

Running is often the most appropriate choice. If you want to put on muscle, for example, you can start bodybuilding (lifting weights). The team sports are good too. their results can be quantified in the goals scored (if it is football), in the games won, or the scores obtained. It doesn’t matter how old you are when you want to start. You must want to get started and want to continue. The results will be seen in time.

When you start a sport it is important to keep in mind a clear goal: how many kilograms do you want to put down exactly, how much distance do you want to run and in how many minutes, how many kilograms do you want to lift with a dumbbell, etc.

In addition to the rewards (results) obtained after a period of practice, which can also have the effect of regaining self-confidence, practicing a sport regularly comes with better health and overall well-being. Also, ther is the possibility of participating in competitions (eg marathons, amateurs or professionals level) and to win medals.

As I said above, it is very important to stick on it in practicing the chosen sport. Even if in some days you fell lazy, you still have to train. Of course, all bodies also need a break, so you will also have days to recover.

All of these, combined with good nutrition, nourishing the body with water and the nutrients it needs, relaxation and adequate rest will make you a much healthier and happy person.

I can tell you from my own experience that by practicing a sport for a long time, you will become addicted and you will look forward to go to the gym.

If you do not have money, you can try to use some applications that will help you train from home. (eg Sworkit, In shape in 30 days)

Whichever sport you choose, be it bodybuilding, fitness, running, soccer, etc., take a good interest in him and his training methods. Novadays you find almost everything on Google, so you can’t say you don’t know how to practice. Try to be as efficient as you can in your workouts and don’t get injured. Do not skip the warm-up before workouts if the sport requires it.

That being said, I wish you more workouts and iron health!

What sport did you choose or choose? What is the motivation behind the election? (for example, I started bodybuilding in adolescence because I was very weak, then running because I was training for admission to the army.