A few years ago I have looked in AppStore for an app for tracking spendings and only spendings. Picospend seemed me the best option at that moment. And now, after over 3 years I find this app the best app in the AppStore for tracking spendings and only spendings.

Why I’m saying this? First of all because Picospend focus just on spendings, it’s clean, simple and easy to use.

Of course, many other apps have the same profile. One of them is Next. But Picospend is more beautiful, more simple and more useful.

The main screen displays the current spendings you input in the app. (current day, week and month). The button destinated to input the spendings is represented by a “+”. When you press the plus button another screen opens.

In this screen you can input the price, you can choose the category, you can add a note, and finally, you can save the spending you made.

In downside, there are four buttons.

First button from left to write is the home button.

The second button from the bottom is Daily button. In daily button, you will find the daily expenses you introduced.
There are two more buttons.

The third button is for creating reports about expenses. There are three tips of report you can create: PDF, Bar, and Pie.

Four and last button from the bottom is General. Here you can add expense categories, change currency, export data and more.

Picospend is a paid App and cost just 1,99 EUR. I think it’s worth this money. My rating for this app is 5 stars and I recommend to you if you want an excellent expense tracker app.