Photography is a form of digital art that is majorly appreciated in the age we live in. A lot of people think being a photographer is easy – you just click a button, take a photo, let the camera do all the work, and get paid for it. However, being a photographer is much more than that and if you’re just starting out, you shouldn’t expect that you will make any money, as it doesn’t happen that easily. Here are a few tips that will help you start your photography journey!

#1 Understand photography

The first step towards becoming a photographer is understanding what photography is about and why you want to do it. Photographs are meant to capture the moment, create an everlasting memory packed in digital pixels that form art. If you want to do photography just to make money, you probably wont be making any at all. It takes passion, curiosity and effort to turn your camera into a money maker, so don’t expect it will happen overnight.

#2 Read a guide book

The best way to go through the beginning of the photography learning process is to pick up a guide book and read about the art itself. You will find out what to expect from the experience and how to get the most of it. You will also learn important information about how cameras work or how you can market your photos to get sales.

#3 Decide which type of photography you like

From portraits to landscapes, there are plenty of photography types to choose from. Some photographers settle on one or two specific types of photography while others like to combine a little bit of everything. Throughout practice, you will discover what you like shooting most and what you dislke as well. According to that, you will be able to decide which photography type to focus on.

#4 Get a camera

Obviously, the most important part of becoming a photographer is getting a camera. Most beginners don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment, which is understandable. Luckly, nowadays you can get some pretty cheap bridge cameras or even DSLRs that create high quality results for little money. Make sure the camera you choose has the ability to shoot in RAW and allows you to switch through different settings such as ISO, aperture, focus, etc., as you will need these throughout the journey.
Before getting the camera, set the budget and make sure to stick to it while shopping. Read or watch reviews on different cameras to learn what their pros and cons are. It is important that you know that the camera you are purchasing will be able to meet your requirements, based on the quality you want and type of photography you are starting with.

#5 Study the camera

Now that you have purchased your very own camera, you have to learn everything about it. You can either go through the manual or watch online tutorials to get familiar with the settings and features your camera offers. You must study it so well that you become able to switch through settings quickly on the scene.

#6 Shoot and post

Finally, you will have to practice A LOT. It will take time for you to get used to the camera completely, but once you do, every shot will come out perfectly. Until then, keep practicing and post your results to your social media pages dedicated to photography. This will help you market your work, as well as collect feedback from the audience, which can help you improve your techniques.