Photography is a common hobby that most people enjoy doing for fun. Something about capturing moments and creating photos that we get to cherish forever makes photography such a loving art. However, even if you are an amateur photography, you can still make use of the photos you take by earning some extra money. You don’t have to be a certified professional to make money from photography, which is another thing that makes this hobby so awesome. Therefore, all you need to know are the ways you can cash in your photos, which is why we have prepared these four examples for you!

#1 Freelance photography

You can start earning money by doing photoshoots for clients. This is probably the most difficult way to earn money on our list, not because shooting sessions for clients is difficult but because getting the clients is the challenging part. To earn money this way, you will need to do some marketing in order to get your name in front of the right audience. What you will need is your own website with a portfolio of your best work. Connect your website with social media pages to get as much out of online marketing as possible. Once you have your pages set, market your business to start getting offers from potential clients

#2 Stock photography

Stock photography is a way easier solution than freelance photography but if you want to earn even more money, you can combine both of these strategies. If you have a bunch of high quality photos saved up somewhere, you can upload them to stock photography sites such as Alamy, Shutterstock or iStock. These sites sell your photos to buyers who need them, which is a great way for you to get some passive income out of photos that would otherwise just be sitting in a folder somewhere.

#3 iPhone photography

That is right, you don’t even need a real camera to earn money from photos. If you like shooting with your iPhone camera, this option is perfect for you. Head over to the App Store and download Eyeem, which is an app that lets you upload your iPhone photos and then sells them to their customers, giving you a share of the profit. Eyeem also holds tons of photography competitions with interesting awards, providing you income from more than just the photo market.

#4 Photo contests

You can earn quite a lot of cash if you win one of many online photography contests available. Go to google search and look up photography contests running at the moment. These competitions usually have set topics for the photo entries. Take your time to express your creativity through the shot you will be entering the contest with. Some of these competitions have awards of thousands of dollars while others are of a bit shorter range of around few hundred dollars. Either way, the more contests you enter, the bigger are the chances you are going to earn some serious money with your photos.