This android app is a free one and is supposed to get you in shape in 30 days. And if you proceed to attend the program that they propose you to follow you will really be.

Don’t be afraid. You will not have work too hard if you dont want to. You can start with 2 minutes for example. (Easy 1 module). It’s about two minute to exercise and you even have rest time 30 s betwen the exercices.

Ofcourse if you are already in a good shape and want to improve your shape you can chose the hard module. But I recomend to begin with the begining.

The app has multiple levels and you can chose the intensity of your training. After complete a level you can proceed to the next. To the hard one.

Day bay day the intesity of exercises increase. But in a maneer you almost don’t fell you put extra efort from train to train.

There are 3 levels and 2 sublevels. That means 6 levels.

This app can help you train all your body or you can chose to train diferent part of bodyes you think you need to train. Eg. arms, but or legs.

For the moment I use Full Body Workout.

If you already exercices at the gim e you can used to make de morning exercises in case is raining out or you can not go to the gym from any reason.

Is a very simple, clean, and great visual organized app.

Each exercis is video ilustrated by an animation. So it’s easy to understand how to execute it.

Ofcourse you can use the app more than 30 days because the app has more levels. Or you can repeat the levels and make them more hard to do if you want to progress more and more.

As I sad before there are three main leves:

● Easy



Each of these three levels had a sublevels…Easy 1, Easy 2, Medium 1, Medium 2, etc.

I use the app especialy in the morning for getting in move. It’s all about 2 minutes for the moment. Offcourse the time will increase along with the intensity of the train. But if you want to be in a good shape you had to exercise more (that sey my grandma to me 😂).

In adition to main function of the app that put you to exercices you have the option to plan your meals.

Also ,you can set the main goal…Lose weight, Get toned or Build muscle. But for this aditionalmfunction you have to pay. And I think it doesn’t worth.

A free function that this app ofer beside the main function is that ofer reports regarding duration of exercising, Kcal burned and daily exercices completed.

The app run smooth and you can use it on any android smartphone.

I’ve tried a similar app on my iPhone but I don’t like it because the iPhone version don’t offer visual animation about how to execute the exercices and don’t have a timer.

This android version 30 Days Fitness Chalange offer all this and I consider better.

I deeply recomand this app especialy if you don’t have the posibility to go to the gym or you don’t have were to run. You can simple use it in your room soon after you wake up. But you can us it during the day as well.

And it’s free!

Get it on Google Play