A game that I’m happy I’ve bought is Monument Valley. This game is simple and amazing at the same time. The protagonist of the game is Princes Ida. You have to lead Ida through impossible architecture. You have to act all sorts of mechanisms, to rotate, to walk upside down and to find all kinds of tricks for ending the game. It’s a 3D game and it has won a lot of awards, two of them are BEST 3D Visuals (UNITY AWARDS 2014) and iOS GAME OF THE YEAR (POCKETGAMER AWARDS 2015).
But the awards it doesn’t matter for me, what it meters is it was a real joy for me to play Monument Valley.

Monument Valley 2 is already launched and it’s entertaining like first version.

The price for the first is $3.99 and for the second is $4,99.

Monument Valley download:

Android, iOS

Monument Valley 2 download:

Adroid, iOS