Today I start again reading on Blinkist. And one of the book I am glad I read is Company Of One by Paul Jervis.

The main idea of the book is to earn enough for a good living instead to want to make a huge profit with the sacrifice or don’t enjoy the life. You can have your company but instead, to hire people, you will make all the work and make a lot of money without sacrificing your free time and life.

A company of one is different from a business or a freelancer because you will be like a company.  A freelancer works on a project and after finish the work he received the money and work for another project. A company instead, develop one single product or a few and sell them. And as long is of the one you will be the one who will make all the work in all departments.

Another idea of the book is to not quit your job but start the company as a side-gig. The author gives some samples of people who start working side-gigs after work schedule. They received more and more orders until they had to start working full time in the area they chose.

The general idea of the book is that the CEO of a Company of One can make much money but they don’t want to earn more than¬† $500.000/year because it’s enough for a good living and they want to have free time to enjoy their lives.