Autumn is more than any other season, a mixture of colors that are playing, stirring the imagination of any passionate about painting and beauty. It’s a tricky season full of symbols. From fields and fruitful orchards, warmed around harvests, wealth and joy, and to deep shades of sadness, melancholy, disappointing romance, unintended endings, and incomprehensible abandonment.

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It is a season of nuances, of stories in which good does not discern evil and the end is not yet known. A wealth of colors and sensations that have touched through time a number of famous painters giving birth to true masterpieces that spell your gaze and soul. Painters such as Claude Monet, John Constable, Vincent Van Gogh, Isaac Levitan, Andrei Kushnir, Jackson Pollock, and many others each surprised each other in a different vision and unique style, the same sincere beauty and excitement of nature fallen into the arms of the fall.

Autumn Rhythm -Jackson Pollock

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Autumn is captured in some works in the desert landscape, whose life is given only by nature vibrating in vivid colors. In other creations, it appears as an expressive framework of the human being, often embodied by a shadow or undefined figure whose stories expands and expresses itself through nature. Regardless of the frame caught on the canvas or the role of nature in the story, the autumn nature always stops the eye of the viewer through subtle light of colorful leaves, even in the darkest paintings.

From Claude Monet’s impressionism and John Constable’s colorful romance to the abstract style of contemporary Jackson Pollock, the autumn was seen, lived, analyzed, felt and rendered in thousands of shapes, shades, lines, and colors. A complex, mature and fulfilling season, with meanings and symbols that have generated some of the most beautiful paintings in the history of painting.

Among the dozens of colors and shapes, the composition dedicated to the fall allows and encourages the tension and contrast of ink, while also favoring the melancholy of pastel colors, grays of thoughts lost and mysteriously suggested mysteries. A season of great essence, which often pushes amateur artists to banality, being at the same time one of the subjects that highlight the style and personality of the talented.