In order to have good health is not always important just to have good habits but to listen to your own body.

For example, if you feel to drink a lot of water or coffee, drink it. Usually, the human body sends a signal to the brain for what he needs.

Sometimes the human body requires fitness. Often is good to move your body as much as is required to generate sweating on the forehead. Usually takes 15 minutes of run.

Scientific research has shown that sweating the human body removes heavy metals. This thing prevents cancer.

I do not try to say bad habits are good. Quitting bad habits are always good but from time to time is important to break the rule. This way the body will know what is bad and what is wrong.

Always make what you feel. It is worse to eat something healthy than fast food if you do not feel that.

Even if you are a smoker. If you are not 100% convinced you should quit don’t quit. It is ok to be a nice smoker than a bad no smoking person. But if you feel you do not want to smoke anymore is Ok to quit.

Listen to your body.