Every brand is the product of its owner. Sometimes creation of a brand can be accidental but most times is a carefully calculated product. The user or the client should associate immediately your product with an image. This is called a brand.

There are two types of brands – good brands and bad brands.
I will call a good brand white mouse and bad image brand black mouse. The white mouse’s everybody loves it. The black mouses everyone hates them and are hunted.

Believe or not, not only good brands sell. What it really sell a product is the persistence of an idea and hard work. But of course, you don’t want to be in the position of a black mouse. So let’s talk a bit about how to create the white mouse.

First of all, you have to begin with a memorable image and name. It can be a logo and a name you create yourself in the room of 2-star hotel or in a garage. Don’t think you have to invest hundreds thousand dollars in a logo or a name. It is not necessary to hire brand creators. Many of big brand was created by people who believe it in them, and not by spending a lot of money. In fact is just the opposite. A good brand should bring you money and not take it from you.

So if you have a belief you will always have the capacity to create your own shining name. Start right now and persist. But associate the name and logo with something nice, perfect, heroic, healthy and another good adjective. Just lock at that drink Americans buy most. It’s not healthy, but they associate the image with good values.

Of course, keep the promise you offer in the image and do improvements all the time you have the occasion.

Just persist with the white mouse and you will win the game of good brand and of your own business.

Never stop improving. Make research of what it is new and what is in trend and improve and allineate with standards. And don’t forget to stay original, is the most important thing.