First of all, do NOT focus on loans. I repeat, do not focus on loans. Of course, loans are important and they have been paid. But just focus on earnings and not on loans. That is something strange when you find on a Personal Finance blog 9 of 10 articles about loans. Loans are not always something bad, but just focus on earnings, cause earnings are always, I repeat, ALWAYS something good.

The fact people don’t use these earnings in a positive way is another problem. But when you work for your earnings and earn money this is something good.

I’m full enough to see on many blogs articles related about how to pay your debts and about loans. But wait a minute, is this all about in life?

Ok, loans can have sometimes something positive and people often need one. I’m not talking about this, I’m talking about being a maniac loans article writer.

So dear Personal Finance blogger, please write more about how to earn instead about debts and loans.