But how to make your big first sale?

Obviously, you must have something to sell. Ideally is a product you have knowledge about. At least a product you like. For sure if you like it there will be other persons to like it too.

My first big sale was a tablecloth. It was a hand-made product and I have a sale it to an important person. I was proud.

Ok. You have the product. You examine it and you know what is about.

Second, you need to expose it. You can try to sell it via the internet or in a physical place. Often you have to wait until the client appear. I know it can be tough this waiting but often there is no other way. You can wait for a minute or sometimes days and weeks. But is worth.

Third. Talk with the client. Usually, a potential client will ask questions. Pe prepared to answer. Talk with the client everything is needed and make the sale.