Last post from this seria was about domain name. Now let’s talk a bit about hosting.

You can choose different hosting packages from different vendors. There is even the option of hosting your site on your own computer. But of course this thing does not make sense, especially when there are so many companies offering low-cost hosting.

For starters, it’s a good idea to choose a shared hosting package. This means you will share the same server with other users. But it is cheaper and anyway at the beginning you will not need a dedicated server that can dry up your money.

When your blog will have many visitors and the shared hosting package is not enough, you can make an upgrade to a dedicated server.

I’ve been working with Claus Web for about 7 years, and now I’m with them. They have 24/7 / 365 email support and there was no problem that they can not be resolved.

If you are hosting a .com site for the audience in Europe, USA, etc. then a recommendation I recomand

They provides non-stop support, they are cheap and you can install WordPress with one click.