Hello everybody. Today I will talk about the 3 most important financial apps to use on your phone. First, of them, I want to talk about is Picospend. Because is very important to see every single day your spendings. It’s very important to see where your money goes. So, let’s see:

#1 Picospend

I try to find an app on the App Store for counting spendings. There are many Apps, but this is the best I found. If it’s the best for me can be the best for you too. Why I’m saying this. Because it’s very simple to use and it’s very clean and intuitive. Besides the app offer a graphic about what you spend more.

You can choose your spend category and if it’s not already created you can create yourself your one.

The graphic can set to shows report as PDF, as Bars or as Pie (circle). You can back up the spendings to the iCloud or to restore from iCloud. Also, you can require an authentication password or touch id.

The spendings can be showed by day. In the main screen, you can see the spendings by day, by week and by month. Also, on the main screen there is a button where you can create spendings. This is represented by a “+”.

In the general settings you have four categories of settings:

-expense categories,

-a category for currency change, conversion, date, and authentification.

-a category for backup and CSV export,

-a category of the Developer for Support, an about page, etc.

#2 Cash Income & Tip Tracking

This is another great app I’m happy I bought. It’s so clean and easy to use. The main purpose of this app, it’s just to track income and that’s great. Because his main focus it’s this and just this. You will not be distracted by other tasks in every single day, but just track incomes.

This app is ideal if you have a not fixed amount of income, for example, if you are a freelancer or have a not fixed income.

You can see the income by day, week, month or year. Also, you can set a goal for your incomes.

In the setting, you can manage jobs. You can create your own jobs.

#3 Save Up

This is the most simple and clean app for saving money tracking. You have just to enter the goal and the saved amount.

You can set up a goal by press the “+” button. And you can update your savings by pressing the “Update” button. Also, you can set your currency by pressing the “$” button.

The progress of the savings can be seen in the main menu. There is a progressive bar and a percent counter there.

I’m glad I can share with you the information about this apps because I use them and I love them. Maybe there are a lot of apps to track your money, but I consider these the best. There are the best I found, each in its own category. I use them and I consider them lucky I have them on my iPhone.