Pico Spend App review

Pico Spend is an iOS app for tracking spendings. I found this app the best choice in this category. The app is meant to track only spendings and this is a good thing because there are a lot of apps on the market that are very cluttered. It is exactly what I wanted and I’m happy I found it on the App Store.

The design of the app is very clean, simple and well organized. Beside it has all necessary options to manage a good tracking. There are categories for every type of spendings and if not you can easily create them from the menu

You can see detailed stats that are shown in three ways: PDF, bars and circle stats. The spendings are displayed by day, by week, by month or by category. Also, you can export the PDF file or you can export a file in a CSV format.

I bought this app a few months ago and I’m fully satisfied. It cost 1,99 USD and I it’s worth the money. I recommend this app.


Screens with the app in use:



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