The app is intended to keep track of earnings (revenue only). This is what exactly what I want because I have not a fixed income. My income varies from day to day. Cash Income & Tip Tracking is perhaps one of the best app in the category it belongs to and you can find it on the App Store. A few months ago I’ve searched for an app that can only keep track of revenue. I’ve found this what I’m talking about … and it’s worth it. It fully deserves the $ 0.99 I spend on it.

The app has a very clean design, and is so easy to use. You can only enter an income with a few clicks. For each of the earnings you enter you can set the job or the source from which it comes. Revenues can be shown per year, month, week, or day. Goals can also be set.

It is ideal if you do not have a fixed salary and you earn sums that vary from day to day. Or if you have more sources of income. As I said before, everything is spinning around revenue for this app. I recommend it! The App is only available for download in App Store.